1 Priest 1 Nun


What is 1 Priest 1 Nun?

1 Priest 1 Nun is an artistic shock video depicting a priest and a nun involved in a sexual act. This artistic performance is German and shows the priest and the nun talking about how to clean the flesh through religious acts. The priest then defecates into the nun's mouth. Somewhat similar in artistic pedigree to Japscat and 1 Girl 1 Pitcher.

1 Priest 1 Nun Video German translation:

Nun: Your flesh Your flesh must be cleaned
Man: Oh my god nun Nun what are you doing
Nun: We're going to beat the evil together
Man: Together
Nun: All the evil will spill out of you
Man: With gods help
Nun: With gods help Yes
Man: Yes with gods help
Nun: (inaudible)
Man: Take distance nun
Nun: Let it out So it's right brother let it out
Man:(in latin) In urine and shit we're born and in urine and shit we will be reborn
Nun: I rescued you from the evil of this world I took in myself

What does 1 Priest 1 Nun mean?

The video itself is complex and highly artistic. It provides an alternative view of life from perspective of another life form - possibly alien. Please share this site with your friends and discuss the meaning of the video between yourselves.

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